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Virtual Classes

On Sale NOW!

American Beer : Founding Mothers, Beer Barons and the Rise of Craft Beer

Join me for stories of alewives, beer barons, and craft beer pioneers. As we learn, we'll sample a curated selection of beers, tailored to wherever you live!



Coming Soon:

Explore a Beer Style or Region

Join me for a fun and interactive look at the major beer style or region of your choice. You’ll learn where the style originated, why it’s important and what to look for in the glass. Choose from IPAs, Stouts and Porters, Pilsners, or Belgian beers. Don't see your favorite style here? Just ask and we can come up with a custom class tailored to your tastes.   

Custom Group Events

Can't choose?  I can create a custom event tailor made for your group.  

Examples of custom events include: 

  • Beer Basics - Do you love beer but want to know the difference between ale and lager? What wort is? Why are all those IPAs so hazy? This class will walk you through the brewing process and the essentials of tasting beer flavors, answering any other questions you have along the way.  

  • Local Legends - I can design a course that highlights the beer in your  area, no matter where you live!  


Each class is a one-hour Zoom event with up to 16 people per event. Classes are $15 per person for up 9 participants.  For 10-16 participants, the cost is $12 per person.  There is a minimum fee of $45 dollars

Prior to the tasting you’ll receive:

  • A history of the style, region or era that is the focus of the class. 

  • A shopping list of national or local beers, no matter where you live*

  • A tasting guide so you can follow along and make notes about what you like

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