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Local Breweries Feel the COVID-19 Crunch

These are difficult days for all of us. Strange scenes of temporary hospitals arising in public spaces, and daily media briefings by elected officials flood our streams. Amid the cancellations and closures, your local craft brewery is affected too.

Most craft breweries are locally-owned small businesses and can't survive for long without the revenue from their taprooms, which are mostly shuttered in places with bar and restaurant closures in force. In New Orleans, where I live, breweries are selling beer to go from counters set up at their entrances. It's an effort to capture a bit of revenue and keep a few more people employed. In my interview with Eli Gay, Director of Customer Experience at NOLA Brewing (, @nolabrewing), Eli discusses their efforts to offer to go beer and the effects of the necessary pandemic-related closures.

Please have a look at my interview on the Beer Bearings YouTube channel ( Like and subscribe if you want to see more. Most importantly, if you are able, buy local beer to go and tip those employees. They surely need it right now.

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